Recent Projects


Greenhills Shopping Centre


Client: Mutliplex
Value: $ 1,200,000
Project Type: Chamber Substation
Completed: July 2018


In June 2017 Connect was engaged to supply, install and commission a brand new 4.5 MVA substation for the expansion of the Greenhills Shopping Centre. The project involved installing three 1,500 kVA transformers, augementation of the existing underground HV and LV networks as well as supply and commissioning on the new LV and HV boards. Connect's expert Hunter team liaised with our customer and Ausgrid to ensure the chamber room and all equipment met the exacting standards required of Ausgrid. 


Dee Why RSL Power Upgrade


Client: Dee Why RSL
Value: $ 1,750,000
Project Type: Multi-Discipline Power Project
Completed: September 2018


Connect was engaged by Dee Why RSL to design and construct a new power connection and substations to enable the future expansion of the club. The project involved two new kiosk substations, significant network augmentations including trenching and duct works, a new main switchboard, consumer mains and the decommissioning and removal of the old indoor substation.

All equipment had to meet Ausgrid standards. The diversity of work required a highly skilled and capable project team. Unlike many ASP L1 projects this project required a true multidiscipline approach. Connect's team were able to coordinate all skill sets and trades whilst ensuring the club's existing operations were not impacted.


Emergency Storm Response


Client: NSW Distrubution Network Service Providers
Value: Rates
Project Type: Emergency Works
Completed: Ongoing


Connect has over our 19 year history continually proven to be a safe, reliable and professional contractor. In April 2015 Connect this industry leading reputation  led to Connect being requested to support and lead repairs to the NSW network after severe storms left the community without power. Connect's linework teams immediately mobilised and rebuilt the network to restore power to the community. Connect now continues to support the utilities after storms to ensure that power can be restored to the community in the shortest possible time.

33kV Twin Feeders


Client: Fujitsu
Value: $ 6 million
Project Type: 33 kV Transmission
Completed: April 2017


Connect installed over 10 km of trenching and underboring to deliver the additional 30 MVa of power required by Fujitsu. The project faced significant logisitic challenges including crossing two of NSW's busiest roads - the M4 and Great Western Highway.


The project has been expertly managed by Connect's project management team.

Moto Farm Tesla Supercharger Station


Client: Tesla
Value: $ 300,000
Project Type: Kiosk Substation
Completed: December 2016


Connect worked with Tesla to install 1,000kVA kiosk substation and supercharging station at Heatherbrae.



Client: KCE
Value: $ 1,200,000
Project Type: Residential Development
Completed: June 2018


Connect worked with our customer, local council and RMS to bring HV power across Wine Country Drive and into the new town centre where three new kiosk substations will provide power for the town. Connect's project team worked 'hand-in-glove' with our customer, the developer and the authorities to deliver this complex power project.

Mosman Kiosk Substation


Client: DÁlbora Marina
Value: $ 500,000
Project Type: Kiosk Substation
Completed: November 2016


Connect both design and built this highly complex project which involed an open excavation across Spit Rd, laying conduit below the water table and building a truck turning lane. Connect's design and construction teams expertly managed the project stakeholders to ensure the project met all technical and environmental requirements.